Agents are crucial to the home-building process. Here’s why. 

There’s a real estate myth floating around out there that goes something like this: If you want to build a new house, you either can’t or shouldn’t have an agent alongside you throughout the process. Today I’ll share a few reasons why you very much want an agent by your side when building a new construction home. 

First of all, a lot of people think that if they don’t hire an agent in this situation, it’ll cost them less money. If the builder doesn’t have to pay their agent, it won’t cost them as much, right? False. I’ve talked with a number of agents and clients who’ve worked with builders, and the consensus is that builders won’t offer you a discount just because you don’t have an agent. You see, builders want to build and maintain relationships with agents. If they start offering discounts to buyers who don’t work with agents, it cuts agents out of the process, and those same agents won’t want to sell their product. Builders and agents have a good connection, and they want to work together. If builders want good clients, they need to be as inclusive as possible. 

Second, just like real estate agents, not all builders are the same. We know plenty of outstanding builders out there (some of which we have the privilege of working with right now), but we also know of other builders who’ve occasionally cut corners and done unsatisfactory work for their clients. We agents want to help our clients know what they’re getting into when working with a builder, just like I’m sure they’d want to know what they’re getting into when working with us. We can talk to you about the positive and negative experiences we’ve had working with builders. 

“You can get a great deal on a house and work with a great builder, but it’s still a new experience for you with many moving parts.”

Also, we want to be fair in our consultation. Any builder who builds lots of homes will have some issues along the way—that’s part of the business. We’d never want to discount a builder just because they had one client who wasn’t happy and posted a bad review somewhere. We’d help interpret that information for you to affirm that that’s a builder you can trust, and if they do make a mistake, they’ll make good on that. 

Lastly, you need an advocate in the home building process. You can get a great deal on a house and work with a great builder, but it’s still a new experience for you with many moving parts. Tons of decisions have to be made, and it’s helpful to have an agent by your side guiding you. We’ll fight to ensure that everything is done correctly and a win-win situation emerges for all parties. 

No matter what type of builder you plan on working with, let an agent know so they can help you make the process smooth and seamless. I’d love to be the hand that guides you and gives you all the information you need when building a home, so feel free to call or email me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.