Why you should be wary of those cash offers in your mailbox.

There’s a topic that’s received a lot of interest these past few years: mailed cash offers. People will call me saying they received letters, postcards, or texts offering to buy their house with cash. They might even sound too good to be true; they promise there are no closing costs, fees, or commissions. 

These are genuine offers. They come from companies looking for people who want a clean, easy sale. Their houses might not be in great condition, or mom and dad might be moving into assisted living. 

The problem is that these offers don’t usually come from licensed real estate agents; they come from businesspeople. They’ll come out, look at the home, and make an offer around 30% to 40% lower than what you could get on the open market. Prices have gone up so much in the last few years that the amount they offer you might sound pretty great, but you could probably get even more.

“Call me before you take one of these offers.”

A lot of times, they’ll do something called an assignment. This means they’ll get the property under contract and sell it to someone else instead of buying it themselves. They might give you $300,000 for the home, sell it to someone else for $350,000, and keep the difference as an assignment fee.

Everyone is getting these calls, so if you’re interested in a quick sale, let me know. I can connect you with people willing to pay top dollar for your home. I can even sell your home without a lot of showings or putting it on the market at all. 

If you have any questions about your options or real estate in general, please call or email me. I’d love to connect with you.