Here are a few tips we’re using to get our buyer’s offers accepted.

We’ve had plenty of success getting our buyer’s offers accepted, so today we’re sharing a few tips for buyers in our real estate market right now.

First, is your real estate agent bringing you off-market properties? These are properties that aren’t online, so everyone isn’t fighting over them. Our team can get you access. Just because your dream property isn’t on the MLS doesn’t mean it’s not for sale.

“About 50% of the time, we’re able to bring the appraisal up to where we need it.”

Also, the communication process your agent uses is critical. We have a four-step communication process that helps our offers stand out so that when the seller is looking at multiple offers, they’ll frequently reach back out to us because our communication was so effective in the beginning. That makes them think we’re more likely to get the deal closed, which is everyone’s goal. 

You may have heard that people are currently paying over what the home appraises for, but there are different ways we can ensure the house appraises for what you’re offering. Also, when we do get a low appraisal, we’ve had much success with what’s called a reconsideration. About 50% of the time, we’re able to bring the appraisal up to where we need it, which makes it a win for both the buyer and seller.

If you’re in the market and struggling to get offers accepted or you’re worried about jumping into the present market, give us a call or send an email. We can discuss the strategies above in more detail and talk about how we’ll help you get into your ideal house. We would love to help you.