We’re looking for a Director of Operations. Could that be you?

Instead of giving information on the market and what’s happening today, I wanted to present an opportunity to share with people that you know or maybe you might be interested in. A director of operations role is becoming available on our real estate team now.

We’ve had an amazing individual, Janae Telford, who’s been in this role for us this last year, and she’s shifting focus and will be in another role within our team. So we’re now looking for someone to take on this responsibility that she’ll be leaving there and has done a great job in managing and helping. So what is it?

The Director of Operations is an executive-level business opportunity within our real estate team. This person is going to help us run all of our systems. So that is management—the creation, implementation, and improvement, which in itself is a really big thing. They’ll also be taking on the role of customer service. There are so many nuances in a real estate transaction and things that happen during the real estate process, and that becomes such a key role for us. 

“The Director of Operations is an executive-level business opportunity.”

This individual will also be helping to bring on other team members, training, and doing a lot of things that will ultimately bring this person an advantage and opportunity to be a partner within the real estate business that we’re running here. So someone we are looking for would be hardworking, system-oriented, detail-oriented, resourceful, and really interested in having not just a 9 to 5 type of job but more of a career. They’ll look for opportunities to help us build something and continue to build something even bigger.

Often, this individual is already employed, has an opportunity, and is just looking for something different. And so, if you know of anybody who has been talking about an opportunity in a different role or maybe is just not being utilized to the fullest extent, all I’m looking for is their introduction. So if you could reach out to that person, It might be a good fit. If you’re interested, reach out. Let’s see if that could be an option as well. And I really appreciate it. In the past, some people have given us referrals and had us talk to their family members and friends, people that they work with or know in their world as well. So we ask you to continue to do that.

And as always, if you need help on the real estate side of things, whether they be questions or help in buying or selling, we’re here for that as well. And as always, thank you so much for letting us stay in contact.