Here’s how I can help you save money on your property tax assessment.

Today, we’ll discuss a topic that arises every summer: property assessments or evaluations sent out by counties to homeowners. Whether you own a home or not, you or someone you know may receive a form from the county indicating the assessed value of your property and the corresponding property taxes.

As property values have been increasing over the years, assessed values have also been on the rise, resulting in higher property taxes for homeowners. Conversely, when property values start to decline, there may be a lag in adjusting assessed values downward, creating an opportunity for homeowners to challenge the assessed value.

“If you or someone you know faces this situation and needs help, I’m here to assist.”

If you receive an assessment that you believe is too high, you can dispute it by providing evidence and following the steps outlined in the form. For most counties, the deadline to submit appeals is usually around September 15. ** ** If you or someone you know faces this situation and needs help in appealing property taxes, I’m here to assist.

As part of the appeal process, I can provide comparables from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to support your case. These comparables will help demonstrate that your property’s value aligns with recent sales of similar properties in the area. The appeal will be reviewed by the Board of Equalization, and they will determine whether your assessment should be adjusted.

I have successfully helped numerous clients lower their property tax assessments, which translates to significant savings. If you receive an assessment or know someone who does, please contact me with the details, and I’ll be happy to strategize with you to reduce your taxes. It’s essential to act promptly when assessments are issued, as many people wait until the last minute, causing a backlog in appeals. Assessments will likely be sent out within the next 30 days, so keep an eye out for them. 

If you’ve already received yours, don’t hesitate to call or email. I’d love to help you save some money!