Selling a home requires a ton of paperwork, so make sure you’re prepared.

Are you looking to sell a home? So many documents are required during the sale of a property that it can be confusing and worrisome. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, which is why I’ll walk you through the process and give you a rundown of some of the critical documents you might need during a sale.

First is the pre-list stage. This involves gathering documents before listing the home. This includes saving invoices, receipts, and records of repairs. It’s important to include information about the types of repairs, warranties for appliances or the roof, and any relevant documents that the buyer would find valuable.

If you live in a property governed by specific rules, such as an HOA, you’ll need copies of the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R), as well as meeting minutes and budget items. Contact your association to request these documents.

“Many documents are required during the sale of a property.”

Also, there’s a common misconception about the need for a physical deed to your property. Unlike selling a car, house deeds are electronically filed at the county. While it’s great if you have the original recorded deed, it’s not necessary. The title company can access it online when required.

Next is the listing side, which involves meeting with a listing agent and completing a listing agreement and disclosures. Disclosures involve listing any known issues or problems with the property. You only need to disclose what you know, not unknown issues. A title search and a property report are also conducted to ensure there are no encumbrances or disputes.

After the sale, keep all the documentation provided, including offers, addenda, closing documents, and the settlement statement, which is important for tax purposes. If your accountant or CPA requests copies, the title company can provide them. Keeping all documentation in one place will make tax season easier.

Selling real estate involves a lot of details and paperwork. If you’re considering selling, feel free to call or email me for assistance. I can guide you through the process, answer questions, and ensure everything is taken care of properly.