Unlock better interest rates and join our client appreciation event.

How do you secure a better interest rate? Securing a favorable interest rate is crucial for saving money over the life of your loan. Today I’ll share some tips to help you get the best rate and also invite you to our client appreciation event. 

One key factor that contributes to obtaining a better interest rate when purchasing a property is your credit score. This might seem obvious, yet many are unaware of the available options in this aspect. First and foremost, if it’s been a while since you checked your credit score, it’s time that you do so. Numerous resources offer free copies of your credit report, allowing you to ensure accuracy and identify any potential issues.

“By improving your credit score, you can significantly lower the interest rate on your home.”

Finding out your credit score is crucial to rectify any glitches or inaccuracies. Sometimes, even erroneous reporting can significantly impact your score. Once you’re aware of your credit standing, make sure to address any blemishes to help improve your score. In cases where issues on your report aren’t your fault, seeking help from a credit repair agency can be beneficial. I’ve personally benefited from one such agency rectifying an error on my report. By improving your credit score, you can significantly lower the interest rates on your properties, potentially saving you substantial amounts. Reach out to me if you need help enhancing your credit score. 

Now on to our client event. As it’s the month of Thanksgiving, I’d like to express my gratitude for staying connected and supporting me throughout this fantastic year, despite challenges like fluctuating interest rates and inventory. In light of this, we’re hosting a client appreciation event next month in December, where you can get pictures with Santa Claus. Details are still being finalized, but if you’re interested, click this link to register. All are welcome - whether you have kids, pets, grandkids, friends, or simply want a photo with Santa.

Register as soon as possible since tickets need to be purchased in advance. I’m excited to catch up with you and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! And as always, if you have any questions about real estate, call or email me. I’m happy to help.